Who are we?
Asterix: Co-founder and CEO. Telecommunications Engineer, 10+ years of experience working as a developer analyst banking consultant. Has been in crypto as investor for 5 years and 2 years in radix. Have been playing poker since university, with a poker's platform as a final career project.

Obelix: Co-founder and CIO. 10+ years of experience working as a developer analyst banking.

Cleopatra: COO. Architect and interior designer with more than 10 years of experience. Self-employed worker. Responsible for the image and marketing of the project.

As a team: We know each other for 10+ years and this is the third project that we make together. Let's say we got the experience to build Poker.xrd.
Why Poker.xrd?
The idea came from observing how projects were being created in Radix.

Ociswap with its airdrop, keeping the community active and with weekly tasks.

Delphibet with a use case similar to ours, gambling with bets.

Radit a great example of making a project community owned from start to finish.

Floop seeing how to stake has been mind blowing.

In the hope that a poker project would come out, every day I drew a picture of how I wanted it to be and the benefits that such a project would have. I consulted with Obelix and the next day we started the project.
where the funds come from?
We are making the project on our free time as a hobby, with the hope that one day it will be our main job. For now we don't have expenses.
Benefits of owning $poker?
$poker is the native token of the Poker.xrd platform with a total supply of 100,000,000 $poker.

As every poker platform there will be fees to play. Entrance to a tourmanet, rake of sit and go and maybe other games. All fees generated by the game will be burn at the beginning of the project and later they will be split to all $poker owners.